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There is so much magic in restoration. A town with so much history, potential and spirit. It's

called to me. Now I answer the call.

Growing up I was a dreamer. My imagination was my best friend. My creativity, like my

parent's, was limitless. I watched year after year as they created the most beautiful homes I've

ever known. Their eye for design was impeccable. As time rolled on, I knew I had inherited this

incredible gift.


From this God-given gift, I am able to write to you all and share the incredible

news. I've been dreaming of this day.

We are so proud to announce...we're breathing life into this crazy little dream of ours, Little

Mountain Home!

Little Mountain Home is located in the historic heart of Little Mountain SC. Our speciality lies in bringing the best of the Global + COLLected farmhouse. Updated classicS mixed with unexpected textures, patterns and colors.


We are the destination for all things unexpected.


International flair combined with classic styles we all know and love is Just A taste of what's in store!

Little Mountain has literally stolen our hearts. Please join us in celebration..

Joshua + Aaron

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