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Growing up in North Carolina was simple, hearty and monumental in developing me into the man I am becoming. My childhood was nothing short of wonder and truly an imaginative experience. I spent a great amount of time with both of my grandmothers, Gracie Grice and Margaret Hyatt. Things I learned under Gracie's wing...being a fireball (as she was appropriately nicknamed Spicy), growing a green thumb and taking pride in yourself. Gracie was no stranger to speaking her mind and took a more direct approach to raising a child. A woman of great fortitude she overcame many challenges in her life. Many summers, getting down in the dirt, I learned what it truly meant to be a Grice. On the other side of my world, when it came to love and tenderness, Grandma Hyatt (Margaret) had literally mastered the art. A poised woman of deep faith, she radiated grace. Quite possibly the most loving woman on Earth, she never allowed the worries of life to reach us. I remember riding in the back of her station wagon, my cousins in tow, laughing and enjoying the mischievous adventures we could all get into. I watched as she hosted countless family gatherings, truly being the epitome of a great southern hostess. She raised me to believe in the power of a greater good, a force of love that surrounds all of life. When it came to life at home, my parents instilled in me a sense of artistry. The most profound, being creativity. My creativity, like my parent's, is truly limitless. I watched year after year as they created some of the most beautifully decorated homes I've ever known. Their eye for design was impeccable. From designing and assembling drapery or pillow shams, pulling a room together, or simply getting dolled up for a night on the town, they truly knew how to make a statement. As cliche as it sounds, my parents are the hardest working people I've ever known. They possessed a relentless spirit of love and commitment. Continually striving to overcome years of generational adversity, they knew exactly what had to be done in order to protect my sister and I from many of the things that would hinder us from attaining fulfilling lives. Nonetheless my parents were a powerhouse of love and resoluteness. I am truly blessed to have my sister Heather. When it comes to expressing myself, she continues to be my biggest fan. I have countless heartwarming memories of time spent with her in our rooms, playing school. Spending time with her, I would enter this imaginative world where I could be nothing short of expressive and genuinely myself. She comforted and guided me into becoming much of the man I am today. I remember that early feeling of being what I thought was "different". I wasn't traditionally into some of the other things boys my age were into. When it came to being different, or "unique" as I call it these days, she was the one who I could truly be myself around. She taught me the inspirational power of being vulnerable, the power of sensitivity. Little did I know that I would inherit a truly amazing set of gifts from these beloved individuals. 


     Fast forward to my young adult life, I've found myself calling South Carolina home. A little over two years ago my partner Aaron and I met by chance. Opposites truly did attract, although we are much more alike these days than we care to admit! Aaron and I share a blended family, with two amazing children, Alden and EV, our pups ChuChu, Sophie (RIP), Beau + Scout, and Kiki the cat. Life looks a lot different these days. On any given day you can catch us in paradise, Ashley Reed Farm, dreaming up new projects, growing our companies, laughing with dear friends and horseback riding our wooded, creek-lined trails. We are beyond fortunate to call this farm home. The farm originally served as Aaron's maternal grandparents' home (circa 1976), where they raised four beautiful children and a herd of Arabian horses.

     We keep the equestrian roots alive today with our ever-growing herd of six Tennessee Walking Horses, as well as our very vocalized donk, Nova. A deep love for furry friends runs in both our families. Aarons late uncle, Doctor Robert Coleman, a large animal vet, assisted in tending to the original Arabian herd. We strive to enhance our property for generations to come. The farm means much more than a place to call home, as it has become a sanctuary. We have completed our latest masterpiece, The Shop, here on the property. This detached, 5,200 square foot addition has enabled us to share the farm with those we hold dear. Hosting is among our favorite pastimes!


Unknowingly this addition to the farm would bring forth a new era, and this time we're expanding beyond the post rail fencing.


     We are so proud to announce...we're breathing life into this crazy little dream of ours, Little Mountain Home. Little Mountain Home is to be located at 840 Main St, the historic heart of downtown Little Mountain. Our specialty lies in bringing the best of what we have dubbed, the global + collected farmhouse. Updated traditional classics mixed with unexpected textures, patterns and colors. We aspire to be your destination for unique and inspiring goods. Custom Moroccan textiles, to oversized chinoiserie, to warm leathers to natural hides, international farmhouse flair

takes center stage. 


     We aim to revitalize the soul of this charming little town. Our ultimate dream is providing a local shop for quality, style-driven furniture and decor. We are pleased to offer design based services to accommodate a variety of needs & budgets. While we anxiously await to open our storefront doors, in the late  half of 2023, we will be sharing the ongoing renovation of our jaw-dropping, early 1900's storefront and transforming it into our first brick and mortar. 


Please follow along with us on our journey. 

Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest: #LittleMountainHomeSC

Little Mountain has literally stolen our hearts. 

Please join us in celebration.


All my best,


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